Yekaterinburg – Shopping-Souvenirs

Yekaterinburg - Shopping- Souvenirs
  You will not be forgiven at home if you leave Ekaterinburg without buying any souvenirs! Such a choice of stones and minerals you will not find anywhere else. The Urals are a treasure trove of precious stones and rare minerals. You can order jewelry and souvenirs made of stone that you like and we will bring them to you directly to the hotel. Prices will pleasantly surprise you, they are much lower than in Yekaterinburg. To the World Cup, prices for souvenirs will increase several times. But in fact in the Urals are very open and kind people. And we want to share with the whole world what we treasure. The beauty of this natural stone, born in the depths of the Ural Mountains.

  In Yekaterinburg, you can make a lot of good purchases. But the special Urals stones are serpentine, jasper and malachite. Nowhere in Yekaterinburg you will not buy this real Ural Malachite, basically it is imported and as many cheap fakes of stone. And only we have a real Ural malachite from the mine in which it was mined in Demidov's time in the city of Nizhny Tagil. If you have the opportunity to visit Nizhny Tagil, besides jewelry and souvenirs made of stone, we have developed a fishing business and you can also buy borage from birch bark. We can hear legends about the richest people in pre-revolutionary Russia Demidov and see a huge factory museum that has been preserved since the tsar's time.
  Our store is located right at the railway station in Nizhny Tagil. Come, our sellers will prompt you what sights of the city are worth seeing!

  You will not have problems at customs with the purchase of souvenirs from the Urals, if you do not try to take with you jewelry made of gold and other precious metals, ancient Russian icons and other precious things that require special permission.